7 Best Press Release Writing Tips To Announce a New Business

When writing a press release about your business, think of it as your ticket to earn publicity. When done right, your news can spread to as many as news sites and other publications.

If you are announcing the grand opening of your new business, make sure that you write it based on your target journalist or news publication. Aside from that, it should offer a value to your target customers.

Remember that your announcement doesn’t matter to anyone, unless you write what benefits people get out of it. Check out the 7 best press release writing service tips that you can follow when you want the people to know about your new business.

press release writing

  1. Be specific with your goal.

Before writing your release, you should be sure why you want to write it. If your goal is to announce about your new business, you should collect enough facts and details to support your claim.

After making it clear what type of business you’re offering, let the readers know how it can benefit them. Keep in mind that you’re a startup. Writing your first release is very critical. You need to present it well, so people could build a good impression about your brand.

Announcing the event taking place in your business is also a good way to create brand awareness and get as many eyes into your announcement. Be sure to create a well-written release that can lead to publicity.

  1. Tell a relevant story.

New business or products are newsworthy kind of releases. Journalists love to write about them. Relevant story has something to do with being “new,” according to Newswire newswire.com/features/distribution.

There should be something new about your story that makes it special from the rest. This also makes it newsworthy. When announcing your grand opening, tell the readers what makes your story relevant.

  1. Follow a format.

the best press release distribution site review follow a certain  format. It should be written in a way how a journalist writes. There should be as little as tweaks to do, which is beneficial for journalists because they don’t have to modify it more.

Your release should be only one page as much as possible. The right format follows this sequence:

  • Company logo
  • Media contact
  • Date and release schedule
  • Headline and subheadline
  • Dateline
  • First paragraph
  • Second, third, fourth paragraph
  •  Quote
  • Company bio


  1. Don’t include industry jargons.

Since you are writing about the opening of your new business, you may be overwhelmed with your announcement. However, don’t write industry jargons that people can’t understand.

If your business is about agricultural products, don’t write words, such as agronomy instead of crop production, cash crop instead of income you derived from selling your crops, chemigation instead of the use of pesticides in the irrigation, and so on.

Your goal is to let people learn and understand your announcement, and invite the press to cover you. If reporters see that your story is hard to understand, they will not spend time giving you publicity.

  1. Write it professionally.

Not everyone is good at writing like reporters. However, if you follow the right methods, you’re good to go. If you still find it difficult, you may hire professionals who can do the work for you.

When writing a release about your new business, make sure that it uses standard, formal English language. Follow the AP style of writing, and write it with no grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes.

Luckily, there are a number of online tools that can help brands correct these errors in their content. Just run your content through the online tool to correct the errors before submitting it to the press.

  1. Optimize it.

Your release should be optimized for the search engines to make it visible to the readers. Use the right keywords. Ensure you don’t overuse it.

You can add images and video, and include a keyword to make it appear on Google Image searches. Today, Google credit websites that write high quality and effective content that benefits the users. Before optimizing your release for the search engines, make sure you first optimize it for the readers.

  1. Use good quotes.

Quotes are important part of a press release. It displays the voice  authority of your brand. Moreover, it emphasizes important points, and how it is perceived by the experts in your company or anyone affected by your announcement.

Good quotes can lighten up the work of the reporters because they don’t need to arrange for an interview or follow up to get good quotes. Don’t forget to let the reporter know that they can always ask for interviews or any brand assets they need to build instant traction.

You may be excited to announce your business, but when writing your press release, ensure that you include the most significant details. By following these 7 tips in announcing your new business, you know that you did your best to win publicity.